Photo of children jumping on the very first inflatable

Who Invented the Bounce House?

Have you ever pondered over the origin of the creation of the first inflatable castle, also known as a bounce house, that offers endless hours of fun for children globally?

Bounce House inventor: John Scurlock

Photo of John Scurlock an enginner who invented the bounce house

The invention of the bounce house is credited to John Scurlock, an engineer who was experimenting with different plastics in the late 1950s. While working on inflatable signs and covers for tennis courts and swimming pools, Scurlock noticed his employees having fun jumping on one of his creations and decided to create an inflatable platform specifically for kids to play on. He called it the “Space Walk”, later popularized as the “Moonwalk“.

The First Bouncer rental

Ten years later, Scurlock’s wife Frances opened the first bounce house rental company, offering early versions of the inflatable structures for events like school carnivals and company picnics. Over the years, bounce houses have been marketed under a variety of names such as “Air Castle”, “Inflatable Castle”, “Bouncies”, and “Moon Bounce”, among others.

In addition to providing entertainment, bounce houses have been shown to have therapeutic value for children with sensory impairments. Today, manufacturers continue to experiment with new designs for party inflatables, including inflatable sports games, slides, and obstacle courses.

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